"Time is the scarcest resource     and unless it is managed      nothing else can be managed."

  Peter F. Drucker


At bo events, we don’t just focus on what we do – but why we do it.  

We believe in the power of shared experiences 

and we know that one of our clients’ primary goals is to inspire people. Throughout our 9 years of beeing an successful Full-Service-Agency, we’ve worked hard to do exactly that.

We know that shared experiences create the opportunity to both inspire and be inspired,

and inspired people drive organizational success.

We believe in this idea so strongly that we’ve made it our main goal:


“To inspire people through shared experiences.”


Our commitment to you – our clients, our industry partners, our suppliers and our team members – is to deliver on this promise in anything and everything that we do.


Let us transform your next event into your next inspiring experience.



Our company culture is based on the recognition of and adherence to the following values,

which guide us in our management, policies, procedures, decisions, communication and interaction with clients, vendors, business associates and our bo events team members.



Our strenght lies in...


... Integrity

... Respect

... Teamwork

... Service

... Leadership

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

  Henry Ford