Life Kinetik®

Concentration problems?

Limited performance?

Physical tension?


Life kinetik is a new fun form of training that promotes the brain through non-routine coordinative, cognitive, and visual tasks - following the principle of performing movement while challenging the brain. The principle of the concept is as simple as it is complex and unique in its form of training. There is no comparable training of this kind.


No exercise is trained until an automation occurs. Life kinetik training constantly challenges the brain. This creates new connections (synapses) in the brain. The more connections are created, the higher the performance. The exercises are chosen so that the fun is not too short.


Life Kinetik, through its unique and complex form of training, enables the brain to face new challenges for a lifetime. Life Kinetik is thus the interface between exercise and lifelong learning. Accompanying is still a visual optometry training is used. There are numerous studies that prove the mode of action of life kinetics.



Life kinetik stimulates neuronal learning, binds new brain cells, delays dementia symptoms, improves the ability to concentrate, improves performance and enhances the visual system.


The benefits summarized briefly:


Children become more creative.

Students become more concentrated.

Athletes become more efficient.

Working people become more stress-resistant.

Seniors become more receptive and skilled in dealing with dangerous situations.


Already one hour a week is enough to recognize the first changes after a short time. Many former and active high-performance athletes in the fields of alpine skiing, biathlon, football, handball and many other sports successfully apply Life Kinetik.


We at bo events are officially licensed and trained to perform Life Kinetik

Life Kinetik
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